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EmmaSetup v3.0
A Simple yet Powerful, Cost-Effective Installation Utility

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Do you need to install a program, a catalog, a file, or pictures on your users' computers? Are you worried about your installation making a good first impression on your users?

EmmaSetup v3 is a 32 bit installation utility for Windows. You do not have to be a programmer to create a personalized, professional, feature-rich installer.

While it has many features of the higher-end installers, its low price makes EmmaSetup a great choice for most installation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about EmmaSetup

"EmmaSetup Visual Help" visually demonstrates how to use EmmaSetup.




  • Simple to use Setup Maker does the hard work of creating the installation

  • Your installation looks professional and reflects your company

  • Handles very simple setups, or advanced ones

  • Expandable with plug-ins

  • Low price, many features


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